Does bankruptcy stop creditor harassment?

If you get behind in paying your debts, creditors begin to take various actions to collect:

– Telephone calls at home – at work – to family – to neighbors or friends.
– Personal contact by bill collectors creating embarrassment with family, friends, fellow employees or your employer.
– Calling co-signers to make payment.
– Starting foreclosure proceedings against your home.
– Repossessing automobiles, furniture, jewelry, appliances or other personal items.
– Garnishing your wages (limited to IRS taxes and child support), putting a lien on almost all of your property, seizing your bank accounts or even closing your business.
– Filing lawsuits against you and taking judgments.

If you qualify for protection under the United States Bankruptcy Code, all of these collection efforts can be stopped!

The filing of any bankruptcy automatically stops a creditor from further collection efforts; no more phone calls, letters, bill collectors, foreclosures, repossessions, demands on co-signers, garnishments or seizures by the IRS, lawsuits or judgments. You can have this relief. You are entitled to Bankruptcy protection under Federal law.

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